Christmas Home Tour 2018

Wow! Ok so I took a very long vacation from blogging during our move and did a lot of soul searching as to what I really wanted to do with my page.  My whole goal has always been to create content that inspired others to fix up their homes by finding great deals on items in stores or to create something from their hands that they truly loved and felt accomplished in doing so. During my “soul searching”, I realized I’m much better at creating things then blogging and vlogging about them!  I started getting hard on myself and then just not showing anything.  Here’s the deal, my page may never look professional or perfect from a bloggers eye, it may never have the perfect lighting photos and videos but I promise you from now on it WILL have content, and I wont be afraid to show it because it doesn’t look perfect enough for some.   I have been following some bloggers on Instagram and they have been encouraging me lately to just do it, so here it is.. My first post of the new and not so improved salvaged chateau blog ;). Here are a few photos of my Christmas decor around my home.  I have purchased most of these items for great bargains at TJMaxx, my kitchen table and chairs were re-purposed from a yardsale which will be in a separate blog post, and a few pieces were actually found at none other than Walmart!! lol so Enjoy!

Christmas Livingroom

Christmas Livingroom
Sources: Christmas flocked garland and wreaths are from Walmart Stockings are from a few years back from target Pillows, throws and arched mirrors on wall are from TJMaxx Rug is from coffee table was made by my dad and I from an old door red truck and church on mantle are pink zebra wax melter shades White flocked trees on floor by fireplace were from kirklands wood and metal arches on fireplace were from a yardsale

Christmas Diningroom

Christmas DiningRoom
Christmas Diningroom
Sources: Garland on table and side table, santa chargers, gold candle holders and candles are from Michaels Side table and silver jars on floor are from Kirklands Joy to the world sign, trees, and gold deer are from TJMaxx Kitchen table and chairs were re-purposed from a yardsale find Ok now go out and show me what you find!!  

Design Tips on picking a base color!

While you all are waiting on me to finish up the Master bedroom, I have been thinking about tips I can offer to you when it comes to redesigning your space.  My very best piece of advice is to use neutrals as your base color.  I know I know…. Some of you LOVE your color!!  But listen up for a second and let me explain why!  Most of us are on a tight budget with what we can purchase for our home spaces.  Trends come and go, Pantone picks a new color each year, and while you may have a favorite color you’ve had for a few years, you may get sick of that color sooner than you think and then you’re stuck shelling out more money redoing the room yet again.  You also may find yourself in need of selling your home and too bright of paint colors can really affect the value you’ll receive from your home.  It’s easy to tell a buyer, “oh look past it you can paint it”, but a lot of buyers are pushing for more move in ready homes and don’t want to have to paint the entire house right after moving in, and while you may love that bright red, someone else may hate the color.  Trust me, the oranges and peaches that were in every room of this home we purchased were an eye sore to me!  It had scared most buyers away.  Yay for us, but had the sellers gone with more neutrals they most likely would have sold sooner and at a much higher price tag!   You can still make the room colorful with your favorite color using a neutral base.  Neutrals will always be timeless and will never go out of style.  This way you can spend a little more and know it’ll be pieces you’ll have for awhile.  Then you add color in accessories and trendy pieces to change up the look.  Some people like to change their decor every holiday, some every season and others just every year or so.  Whichever is your preferred way, sticking with neutrals as your base is always the easiest and most cost effective!   When working with neutrals, especially with whites, remember to use textures, like faux fur, ruffles, and velvet.  Using different shades of white can also add appeal to the eye.  Have you gone to the paint store and grabbed the whites book.  There are MANY different shades of just white!  Here is an image of Behr’s Most Popular Whites!
Behr’s Most Popular Whites
If you aren’t sure about the whites and beiges as a base you can always go with grays.  They are a little darker option and can hide wear and dirts a little easier than whites.  If you have young kids, grays and darker beiges may be the way to go for your base color.  Here is Behr’s Most Popular Grays
Behr’s Most Popular Grays
I shared a photo of me starting the project of my Master Bedroom on Facebook and Instagram.  It’s no where near finished, I can’t wait to show you the end results, I am getting so much closer but as you can see the base colors are grays and creams!  In the reveal, I’ll show you the way the room will look most of the year with neutrals, and then I’ll show you two other ways you can add color to this base to completely change the look so it becomes more of a space that makes your heart and soul happy.  Follow me on social media for the update coming soon!.. Here is the before pic below.
Before Photo of Master Bedroom

DIY No sew faux fur chair tutorial

There is a place in the market for high quality pieces of furniture and decor, but for trends that seem to come and go quicker than you can blink an eye, there are easy diys to create the same look for far less!  I want to show you how to recreate different trends that even those with basic crafting skills can do on your own at home as well!   The first project I want to show you is how to recreate a chair with the faux fur trend!  I am in the middle of finishing the master bedroom and needed chairs for the corner.  I’m trying to keep to a strict budget, so have been looking around my house for old pieces that I could use in that space.  I found these two old chairs I purchased from the Raleigh flea market a few years ago with the intention to redo, but just never dove in to the big project because I couldn’t decide what color I wanted.   Knowing me, I’d want them to be a different color a few years later and it’s just a lot of work to redo every few years so they just sat.
Vintage project chair purchased from Raleigh Flea Market
I wanted a quick way to redo the chairs for the space and luckily with faux fur, it is very forgiving as far as not being able to see seems because of the furry edges.  This makes it very simple to do a no sew option, but first, I wanted to lighten up the wood.  There are many different types of paints and ways to paint furniture.  I will not go in to that tutorial here but I will tell you for this project I did not sand up the wood as I like the look as the paint rubs away in spots so I chose a basic acrylic cream paint and then a whiter color to dry brush over the top just to match the color of the fur fabric I chose.  Here is a photo of the painted wood.
Painted the wood during the redo process of this chair,
After waiting several hours for the paint to fully dry, it was time to add the faux fur!  I purchased 2 yards from Hobby Lobby because originally I bought it for a different project, but it is a more expensive fabric so use your coupon or buy on sale and measure what you will need beforehand.  This chair only took about 1 and a half yards.   The next items you’ll need are scissors, a high temp hot glue gun and glue sticks!  Yes!  A hot glue gun!  I told you this was easy!!  A quick tip in cutting faux fur, don’t just cut straight down cutting the fur, slide the scissors to the base and cut the backing.  That way you don’t have a funny cut edge and the fur will still fluff over the sides, this is what helps hide the seems to no one can see how it’s attached.  Lay the whole piece of fabric over the chair, start at the front edge of the chair, lining the end of the fabric to the edge of the front of the chair and start gluing it in place.   As you get to the arms you will just cut slits in from the side and it will slip in right around them.  Also remember as you get to the back of the chair, use your fingers and tuck it in towards the back crease a little to keep the clean tight look.  If you cut short on one edge, don’t worry, you can actually add a little patch and again, because of the fur it will not be noticeable, I promise!
Adding the faux fur to the project chair
As you make your way to the back, just keep pulling tight and gluing, the top part that is rounded, I cut a triangle shape out of the fur and used the seem that was already on the old fabric to line up the cuts with and used as a quide for the seem for the faux fur!  When you’re all finished, post your photos with pride that you just accomplished your own diy chair!
Finished No Sew Diy Faux Fur Chair
Finished Faux Fur Diy No Sew Chair
If you have any questions about how to do your own, just comment below and I’ll gladly do my best to help!

Updating an old desk from the ReStore

This was an older project I did under my old business name, but I thought it’d be nice to share.  I had been browsing through pinterest at all the pretty decoupage projects and I wanted to try one of my own.  I needed a desk in my office, so went out to find one and found this great piece for only $35 at the local ReStore!  The chair was a find I had gotten from Goodwill a few years earlier.
Desk found at the local Restore
First thing I did was take off all the knobs.  Simple step using a screwdriver and they were all off pretty quick.  I decided to only do the drawers but I will probably go back later and paint the whole desk.  I picked through my stash of cardstock and found some pretty patterned prints that I thought would look good together and cut them down to the size of the fronts of the drawers.   I did a light sanding to prep the surface and then started modpodging the surface.  There are different types of modpodge so depending on if you want the surface to be washable or not, make sure to choose a waterproof one! After adding a layer of modpodge I just put my paper piece on top and then modpodged again over the paper.  I did 3 coats but you could probably do just 2.  The photo is watermarked with my old website but no worries it IS my photo ;).
Decoupaging the drawers of the ReStore desk.
  After the second coat of glue I used a piece of sandpaper to rough up the paper edges and then inked them so they matched the wood color vs leaving the white of the paper exposed.   I then added my 3rd coat of modpodge, added the knobs back on and then boom, done!  It was actually a very simple project and I love how it customized and updated the desk just for me!
Finished project
Finished Decoupage Restore Desk Project. Originally done under my old business name 😉