Holden Beach Turtle Watching

My family has been very fortunate to be able to spend many weekends at Holden Beach in North Carolina.  We have been anxiously watching nests, waiting not so patiently to witness our FIRST turtle hatch!  They actually call it a boil because as the turtles emerge from the nest it looks like water boiling in a pot as the sand bubbles.  Every weekend we went we sat and waited at many different nests.  Almost every time the nest would boil either in the middle of the night or a few days after we had to leave.  This last time we went, we were so lucky to get to witness a closing of a nest.  This is done 3 days after the nest boils to help the last little few to get out.  Sometimes there are none left and sometimes quite a few.  In this particular nest there were 8 little guys that wouldn’t have made it out otherwise.  Here are a few pics and a short video of what we got to witness!  Enjoy!

An unfertilized turtle egg.
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Not sure what to do with your old catalogs? Watch here for an easy display idea!

Attn direct sellers!  Do you sometimes get left with a few catalogs that become outdated once the new one launches?  Watch my tutorial below for an easy DIY display bowl you can make out of those old catalogs!  

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Top 5 Tips for Refreshing your space on a budget!

Metal Arches Yardsale find!
Your home is a reflection of you.  It’s YOUR space, and if you’re anything like me, you like to change it up several times a year to keep things new and fun.  This can really cut into your wallet if you don’t learn to use items you already have in different ways.  Sometimes it can be as simple as just rearranging a room!  So here are my top 5 tips for refreshing your space. 1. Just because there is a space, doesn’t mean it has to be filled!  Feeling like you have to have something in every nook and cranny can start to clutter up your home really quickly and make your room feel small.  Instead, group items together. I like to use trays, stacking things on top of each other to create different heights.  It is more appealing to the eyes and keeps your space decluttered and clean. 2. Take pieces from different rooms and swap them.  This is something I do a lot!  A tray on my coffee table will become the new tray for the centerpiece on my dining room table.  That lantern in the floor by the fireplace is now the focal point of my coffee table.  Moving things from room to room can give you a feel like each space has been redecorated but didn’t cost you a cent! 3.  PAINT!  Yes, a simple can of paint can work wonders to refreshing your space!  Color trends change from year to year and some of our color choices have become outdated or colors have faded and become dingy.  Paint an accent wall a bold color or paint your entire room in a light neutral to match any color scheme you choose for your accent pieces. 4. Adding Accessories… small little items here and there can dramatically change it up and create a finished look.  As mentioned before, be careful with not over doing your accessories, but adding new throw pillows or even a slipcover to freshen up an older couch can make your space feel brand new again for a small budget.  Add a new painting or your favorite artwork on the wall.  Maybe even a new candle and plant on your coffee table can make the difference of your room feeling finished or not. 5. Update a piece of furniture you already have!  So this one involves paint again but sometimes painting an old dresser a new look, that hall table or even a night stand can make it appear you purchased a brand new piece and create a whole new look.  This is one I do a lot.  I have a hall table that has probably been painted 4 different colors through the years but each time it’s made it look like a new fresh piece! Ok, so there are my top 5 tips!  Now it’s time to use your creative hands and change up that room you’ve been wanting to change for the last several months!  You can do this!!  Share your room redos below and feel free to add your on a budget tips!  
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Repurposing Dining Room Chairs Tutorial

I have 3 children and that can wreak havic on fabric dining room chairs! When I first redid the chairs I painted them black with a beautiful light fabric and it really fit with my decor at the time, but you know me, I have since done more painting and changed it up so the black was feeling a little harsh and the beautiful light fabric was getting pretty stained up from spills so it was time for a redo! This style of chair is so simple to redo! Are you ready?

First flip the chairs over and unscrew the padded seat, a hand screwdriver should work just fine at removing the screws. Next remove the old fabric, it is typically just stapled on underneath and easy to rip off, remove any staples sticking up. If the padding underneath needs redone you can purchase foam from any craft store but luckily with mine the padding was still in good shape! Using your children to help is fun at this part too! 😉 Next I took the chairs outside and spray painted them. Make sure if the previous paint is shiny to give it a good sanding down first to allow for the paint to stick. I didn’t do too much sanding over the black because I thought it would look good to have some of the black peek through, I like the worn look on the wood! I prefer using spray paint on items that have a lot of small details like the backs of these chairs but make sure to use a good quality brand and also one that has a primer in it. While the chairs are drying, I start recovering the chairs. This is so much simpler than it looks! Lay out the fabric on the ground and place the padded chair piece over the fabric, cut it leaving about 2 inches or more if you want extra room, on all sides… use a heavy duty stapler and pull the fabric tight to the back and staple it on!.. When chairs are dry, screw the padded seating back on and voila! All done! If you have any questions please feel free to comment below and I’d love to help you out. Post pics of your chair redos!!   UPDATE** JayettasSprinkles.com is NOW SalvagedChateau.com
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