Holden Beach Turtle Watching

My family has been very fortunate to be able to spend many weekends at Holden Beach in North Carolina.  We have been anxiously watching nests, waiting not so patiently to witness our FIRST turtle hatch!  They actually call it a boil because as the turtles emerge from the nest it looks like water boiling in a pot as the sand bubbles.  Every weekend we went we sat and waited at many different nests.  Almost every time the nest would boil either in the middle of the night or a few days after we had to leave.  This last time we went, we were so lucky to get to witness a closing of a nest.  This is done 3 days after the nest boils to help the last little few to get out.  Sometimes there are none left and sometimes quite a few.  In this particular nest there were 8 little guys that wouldn’t have made it out otherwise.  Here are a few pics and a short video of what we got to witness!  Enjoy!

An unfertilized turtle egg.
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