Design Tips on picking a base color!

While you all are waiting on me to finish up the Master bedroom, I have been thinking about tips I can offer to you when it comes to redesigning your space.  My very best piece of advice is to use neutrals as your base color.  I know I know…. Some of you LOVE your color!!  But listen up for a second and let me explain why!  Most of us are on a tight budget with what we can purchase for our home spaces.  Trends come and go, Pantone picks a new color each year, and while you may have a favorite color you’ve had for a few years, you may get sick of that color sooner than you think and then you’re stuck shelling out more money redoing the room yet again.  You also may find yourself in need of selling your home and too bright of paint colors can really affect the value you’ll receive from your home.  It’s easy to tell a buyer, “oh look past it you can paint it”, but a lot of buyers are pushing for more move in ready homes and don’t want to have to paint the entire house right after moving in, and while you may love that bright red, someone else may hate the color.  Trust me, the oranges and peaches that were in every room of this home we purchased were an eye sore to me!  It had scared most buyers away.  Yay for us, but had the sellers gone with more neutrals they most likely would have sold sooner and at a much higher price tag!   You can still make the room colorful with your favorite color using a neutral base.  Neutrals will always be timeless and will never go out of style.  This way you can spend a little more and know it’ll be pieces you’ll have for awhile.  Then you add color in accessories and trendy pieces to change up the look.  Some people like to change their decor every holiday, some every season and others just every year or so.  Whichever is your preferred way, sticking with neutrals as your base is always the easiest and most cost effective!   When working with neutrals, especially with whites, remember to use textures, like faux fur, ruffles, and velvet.  Using different shades of white can also add appeal to the eye.  Have you gone to the paint store and grabbed the whites book.  There are MANY different shades of just white!  Here is an image of Behr’s Most Popular Whites!
Behr’s Most Popular Whites
If you aren’t sure about the whites and beiges as a base you can always go with grays.  They are a little darker option and can hide wear and dirts a little easier than whites.  If you have young kids, grays and darker beiges may be the way to go for your base color.  Here is Behr’s Most Popular Grays
Behr’s Most Popular Grays
I shared a photo of me starting the project of my Master Bedroom on Facebook and Instagram.  It’s no where near finished, I can’t wait to show you the end results, I am getting so much closer but as you can see the base colors are grays and creams!  In the reveal, I’ll show you the way the room will look most of the year with neutrals, and then I’ll show you two other ways you can add color to this base to completely change the look so it becomes more of a space that makes your heart and soul happy.  Follow me on social media for the update coming soon!.. Here is the before pic below.
Before Photo of Master Bedroom
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