New Product Launch: Vintage Inspired Corbels

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve been on the blog!  I enjoyed spending the Holiday Season with my family and different family members visiting from out of town.  In between visits I was working on a little special something that will soon be available in my online shop, but for now a sneak peek of what’s to come! With today’s vintage farmhouse style not slowing down, it’s only fitting that everyone own at least one Corbel in your decor stash!  There are so many uses for corbels!  Some of the popular uses outside of just setting them on their own as a fill in decor piece, is using them as shelf brackets, corner brackets to dress up those plain entryways, sconces, and even decorative corner braces for those granite bars in your kitchen!  I have designed 3 styles and they will be available to order soon.  I will be working on more designs and colors that will be added as they become available so subscribe to emails to be notified as new products launch!  Prices will range from $35 each and up and I will also have set options for those wanting to use them for shelving.  If you have a custom order for a bar top please contact me via email for design and pricing options.

Some of my pieces featured in the Wake Restore Blog!

There are so many days I feel inadequate.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE crafting and making things and when I have a finished product I can be proud of I happily stare at it and wow myself, but there are a LOT of failed projects in between and a lot of days I redo the mantle or my table centerpiece a million times and it just doesn’t have that pinterest quality, the photo just doesn’t look quite right and I scream out in frustration.  It doesn’t look like the professionals, it doesn’t scream this girl knows what shes doing and that feeling of inadequacy creeps in and begs me to just sit on the couch, sulk in my own misery and just when I’m about to give up for the day, someone cheers me up by a smile, a comment and in this case a feature in their blog! Thank you to wake restore for adding some of my projects to their 2017 best customer blog post!  You can check it out by clicking HERE!  I Love the other pieces other talented people did as well!  Enjoy, and I hope it inspires you to go out and try a project of your own!

What exactly is Salvaged Chateau??

So I came up with a cutsie little shop name, now what?  Well, I’ve thought a lot about what it is I wanted to offer and while my dreams get carried away while I think about it, I am forcing myself to start out small and enjoy this new adventure as a hobby for now.  I will start by blogging about home decor trends, tips and tricks to doing things on a budget and also doing some diy video episodes of how tos on popular home decor items and other types of craft projects.  I’ll keep my social media pages up to date with beautiful home decor photos and hopefully inspire you to try something new in your own home!  As I enjoy time in my craft room I will list some of those hand made items for sale for those that are interested in purchasing… It will be fun to keep checking back at all the different items that will be offered in the online store.  My crafting hobbies one month might be all paper related, and the next month fabrics!  It’s a hodge podge of my favorite things just the way I want it to be! Later on, I plan on purchasing a few tools, one of which will be a wood lathe and in my head some of the products I want to make with that are gonna be AHHHHmazing … time will tell on that one haha.. I’m soooo excited about it but it will have to be a little further down the road! Who knows where this may send me but my future plans are to start taking a limited number of clients to offer decorating and design services!  I will keep you all posted when I open that service up!  Thank you all for coming along with me on this journey, thank you for following me and supporting me!  

Start of a new Journey

Starting a New JourneyFirst off, I want to start by thanking everyone who’s taking the time to even click this link and read this post!  It’s because of all of you that I had the courage to start this new journey! For those that don’t know me, my name is Jayetta Donaldson.  I have been a stay at home mom for almost 10 years now!  I can tell you I have loved being able to be home with my kids, but as many stay at home moms might relate to, I began to lose myself in the focus on my family and role as a mother. I’ve always loved creating things, so while home, I would make different items and take them to the local flea markets on the weekend to sell for extra money.  I even had a facebook business page for awhile selling everything from hair clips to jewelry to clothing!  As my children grew, the items would change.  It was a hodge podge of all the random things I wanted for my kids but couldn’t afford to buy and the items would change monthly! One day an opportunity came to my door to start a direct sales company which I became a part of for 4 years!  I loved making new friendships and spending time on company retreats.  It was allowing me to have some alone time to start finding myself again.  But what I was finding was I was not enjoying the time I used to spend creating things in my craft room any more.  I had stopped doing the things I loved most to make time to sell products someone else was designing and making and while I would do things here and there I was not being fulfilled.  I wanted to be selling items that I had been a part of creating!  I felt like I had more to offer and I no longer was having fun with my role in that company.  They had no positions available for a role I would have preferred so I was encouraged by many of you to go back to my roots  and start creating my own designs again.   So the dream of Salvaged Chateau starting taking place. As I’m getting the blog going, I am diligently working on items behind the scenes and I appreciate all of you being so patient and encouraging throughout this whole process… Some of the items I want to make require me buying some tools that will have to be purchased one at a time but I promise the wait till be worth it!  This new journey will be exciting for me and a start to me being me again!  In my next post you will learn more about what Salvaged Chateau will be offering so stay tuned for more info!   Much Love xoxo