Some of my pieces featured in the Wake Restore Blog!

There are so many days I feel inadequate.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE crafting and making things and when I have a finished product I can be proud of I happily stare at it and wow myself, but there are a LOT of failed projects in between and a lot of days I redo the mantle or my table centerpiece a million times and it just doesn’t have that pinterest quality, the photo just doesn’t look quite right and I scream out in frustration.  It doesn’t look like the professionals, it doesn’t scream this girl knows what shes doing and that feeling of inadequacy creeps in and begs me to just sit on the couch, sulk in my own misery and just when I’m about to give up for the day, someone cheers me up by a smile, a comment and in this case a feature in their blog! Thank you to wake restore for adding some of my projects to their 2017 best customer blog post!  You can check it out by clicking HERE!  I Love the other pieces other talented people did as well!  Enjoy, and I hope it inspires you to go out and try a project of your own!
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