Updating an old desk from the ReStore

This was an older project I did under my old business name, but I thought it’d be nice to share.  I had been browsing through pinterest at all the pretty decoupage projects and I wanted to try one of my own.  I needed a desk in my office, so went out to find one and found this great piece for only $35 at the local ReStore!  The chair was a find I had gotten from Goodwill a few years earlier.
Desk found at the local Restore
First thing I did was take off all the knobs.  Simple step using a screwdriver and they were all off pretty quick.  I decided to only do the drawers but I will probably go back later and paint the whole desk.  I picked through my stash of cardstock and found some pretty patterned prints that I thought would look good together and cut them down to the size of the fronts of the drawers.   I did a light sanding to prep the surface and then started modpodging the surface.  There are different types of modpodge so depending on if you want the surface to be washable or not, make sure to choose a waterproof one! After adding a layer of modpodge I just put my paper piece on top and then modpodged again over the paper.  I did 3 coats but you could probably do just 2.  The photo is watermarked with my old website but no worries it IS my photo ;).
Decoupaging the drawers of the ReStore desk.
  After the second coat of glue I used a piece of sandpaper to rough up the paper edges and then inked them so they matched the wood color vs leaving the white of the paper exposed.   I then added my 3rd coat of modpodge, added the knobs back on and then boom, done!  It was actually a very simple project and I love how it customized and updated the desk just for me!
Finished project
Finished Decoupage Restore Desk Project. Originally done under my old business name 😉
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