What exactly is Salvaged Chateau??

So I came up with a cutsie little shop name, now what?  Well, I’ve thought a lot about what it is I wanted to offer and while my dreams get carried away while I think about it, I am forcing myself to start out small and enjoy this new adventure as a hobby for now.  I will start by blogging about home decor trends, tips and tricks to doing things on a budget and also doing some diy video episodes of how tos on popular home decor items and other types of craft projects.  I’ll keep my social media pages up to date with beautiful home decor photos and hopefully inspire you to try something new in your own home!  As I enjoy time in my craft room I will list some of those hand made items for sale for those that are interested in purchasing… It will be fun to keep checking back at all the different items that will be offered in the online store.  My crafting hobbies one month might be all paper related, and the next month fabrics!  It’s a hodge podge of my favorite things just the way I want it to be! Later on, I plan on purchasing a few tools, one of which will be a wood lathe and in my head some of the products I want to make with that are gonna be AHHHHmazing … time will tell on that one haha.. I’m soooo excited about it but it will have to be a little further down the road! Who knows where this may send me but my future plans are to start taking a limited number of clients to offer decorating and design services!  I will keep you all posted when I open that service up!  Thank you all for coming along with me on this journey, thank you for following me and supporting me!  
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